Gotham Magazine names EMM Group owners Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum as two of New York’s Men of the Moment

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Gotham Magazine: Eugene Remm

Since the inception of EMM Group back in 2006, New York nightlife tastemakers Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum are responsible for some of Manhattan’s most sought after dining and nightclub destinations.  EMM Group’s hot spots include CATCH, Catch ROOF,  and Lexington Brass.

Eugene Remm

Where I call home: The West Village

I love New York because: People can come to this city with little to nothing at all, but through grit anyone has the opportunity to succeed.

Best words of wisdom ever received: “Stay humble, work hard, and always keep the pedal down and push forward.”—Stephen Hanson, founder of BR Guest Hospitality.

Advise for young hospitality professionals: Leave your ego out of it and understand that the nightlife and hospitality industry is a real business, so don’t treat it as something you do just for fun.

Best NYC memory: Super Bowl XLII, when the NY Giants beat the New England Patriots.

Charity organizations I support: The basketball charity I founded in Brooklyn for at-risk tens and young adults called Sports is Life.
You would never believe:
 Until my mid-20s, I had never gone out to dinner at a proper restaurant in NYC.
Principles to live by: Always lift your consciousness to the next level in every part of life and be proactive. 

Mark Birnbaum

Where I call home:  The West Village

On my career decision: My best friend passed away from cancer the same month as 9/11 and I was living across the street from the Word Trade Center at the time so I realized how short life really is and decided to do what I love.

I love New York because: This city offers the best of everything from food, culture and entertainment to opportunity and excitement; there’s always something for everyone.

Advise for young hospitality professionals:  Never be afraid to go for it, hustle and make yourself known and irreplaceable to your employer

Charity organizations I support: Happy Hearts Fund, Friends of the Israeli Defense Forces and The Lustgarten Foundation for Pancreatic Cancer Research

Best new find: I just went to Jerusalem for the first time, it was amazing.

Principles to live by: Never compromise your integrity for anything and live everyday to its fullest

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