DuJour Magazine spotlights EMM Group owners Eugene Remm, Mark Burnbaum and Michael Hirtenstein

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Eugene Remm (left)

Eugene Remm and his partners at EMM Group always knew they would work their way up the ladder to the top of the hospitality industry in New York City as well as throughout the United States.  Eugene Remm and his partners are out at their properties six nights a week ensuring their clientele are enjoying themselves, but even nightclub owners need a break sometimes and Sundays are reserved for football and family.


Mark Birnbaum (center)

As an integral part of EMM Group, Mark Birnbaum has been responsible for helping to design the booming nightlife scene of Manhattan’s Meatpacking District.  Mark Birnbaum and his partners at EMM Group introduced the concept of chic one-stop-shops for dinner and dancing, popularized by the opening of Tenjune seven years ago.  One of the reasons Mark Birnbaum and his partners are so successful is because they haven’t forgotten about the EMM Group they founded back in 2006.  Most recently, EMM Group has launched their largest project to date in a 20,000 square foot property on the Lower East Side and it’s no surprise that it follows the winning all-purpose formula with a modern Asian restaurant, The General, and a nightlife venue, FINALE.


Michael Hirtenstein (right)

EMM Group partner Michael Hirtenstein has an extensive background in the real estate and finance business and knows a great deal when he sees one.  When he was asked to come on as a partner in EMM Group, it was a done deal from the start. He was introduced to Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum when they were just starting to make a name of themselves in hospitality and knew that they were on their way to the top.  Though hospitality and nightlife may see like a far cry from the New York Stock Exchange, Michael Hirtenstein is equally involved with the company as he, Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum share the responsibilities and oversee all facets of the business from the creation of new properties to daily operations and finances.

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